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Turkmenistan National Flag Printed

  • £13.32

Printed National Flag

  • 115gsm Flag Fabric.
  • Double stitched hems with triple stitched fly edge.
  • Reinforced header tape.
  • Rope and toggle fixings (or eyelets upon request).
  • Compatible with all standard external and internal flagpole halyard systems.

Printed flags manufactured in bold colour fast colours that are resistant to the ageing effects of the sun. Our flags are made to the highest quality and are designed for regular use on outdoor flagpoles.If you would like more information call our sales team on 0161 653 6381.

Historical Information

The flag of Turkmenistan has the most intricate design of all national flags in the world. It is also one of the most interesting. The green field with the crescent and stars is clearly the symbol of Islam; the crescent and stars represent faith in a bright future, while the white symbolizes serenity and kind-heartedness. the five stars symbolize the five velayats (religions): Ahal, Balkan, Dashhowuy, Lebap and Mary. They also stand for the five senses. The five points of each star symbolize the five states of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous, crystalline and plasmatic. The vertical stripe along the hoist bears five major guls of the Turkmenian carpets. Each gul is a symmetrical medallion, in some cases divided into four quarters in counter changing colours. Major guls are repeated in rows or in a chequered pattern on the central field of the carpet, and minor gulsappear on the border. They reflect the national identity of Turnmenistan where carpets were part of traditional nomadic life, used for floor-covering, furniture, sacks and bags, and to decorate camel and horse trappings. In 1995 the President of Turkmenistan declared a policy of neutrality , which was acknowledged by a unanimous vote of the United Nations General Assembly on 12 December 1995. To immortalize this, crossed olive branches similar to those on the UN flag were placed below the guls. The new law stated, 'The State Flag of Turkmenistan is a symbol of the unity and independence of the nation and of the neutrality of the state'. 

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